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Dave’s bodyweight: 17 stone 6 pounds 244 lbs/111 kg.    Total weight lost so far: 10 lbs/4.5 kg

Only 1 pound lost this week which, oddly enough, I’m really pleased with. I’m only in the 6th week of this diet and my goal, right from the offset, was to consistently drop 1-2 pounds each week. In the first week of any diet you will probably lose more then that but that’s usually water, glycogen and other random stuff. If after that first week you’re still losing more then 2 pounds then it’s not fat you’re losing it’s muscle.

You can’t lose more then 2 pounds of fat in a week without losing at least as much muscle. Remember my goal is not to lose weight (in a perfect world I’d be 120kg of throbbing muscle), but to lose fat while keeping as much of my muscle as humanly possible.

So that 1 pound loss is actually a small victory. It means that my diet and training are dialled into the point (hopefully) that I’m melting lard but saving muscle.

This week’s training has gone well, I was half expecting to hit the wall and be left marooned in the doldrums of indifferent apathy. Fortunately, this has not proved to be the case and I think that downscaling the ambition of my workouts has been instrumental in this.

This month I’ve been using Strength Training to help resist the ravages of catabolism. From a muscles point of view your body is in one of two possible states: Catabolic – Where your body breaks muscle down for energy and Anabolic – Where your body builds new muscle (hence Anabolic Steroids).

Obviously being Anabolic is preferable but, bugger me, your body doesn’t seem to want you to be there. Training = Catabolic. Diet = Catabolic. Stress = Catabolic. Lack of sleep = Catabolic. The music of One Direction = Catastrophically Catabolic.



Stick at it. Don’t quit.


So what can you do to keep yourself in an Anabolic state?

  1. Eat lots of protein (at least 2 grams per kg of bodyweight)
  2. Eat that protein throughout the day in more frequent, but smaller, meals (4-6 meals per day)
  3. BCAAs, Glutamine, Whey protein, Creatine at various points during the day can help lots (I’m not using any of these at the moment on purpose. Always leave yourself somewhere to take it.)
  4. Sleep. Lots of sleep.
  5. Short workouts. Keep it under 1 hour.
  6. Don’t make the cardio too hard. You will only burn muscle not fat.
  7. Having lots of sex. This might not help but it’s certainly worth trying.
  8. Rest days. Not training at all is probably the best way to rest that poor, battered body.

Today’s workout is going to look a little like this:

5-10 min run – nice and slow, just enough to melt some of the impacted layers of cholesterol from the walls of my arteries and soften the creaking from my aged joints.

Deadlifts – Plenty of warm up sets and then 10 heavy reps. Probably done as 1 x 3, 1 x 2, 5 x 1 reps.

Squats and Push press – Done as EDT. 12 minutes of 8 reps on each exercise for as many rounds as possible.

Cardio – 10-20 minutes of very easy fat burning.

On paper that doesn’t look like the workout of a Superhero but if done correctly it will absolutely ruin you. It’s a simple workout not an easy one.

Thanks for reading,

Dave Carter.

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