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Why Wanting To Look Good Can Be A Good Thing.

Dave’s bodyweight: 17 st 7 lbs (245 lbs/111 kg)      Total weight lost: 9 lbs/4kg



We live in a society that is obsessed with appearance. Plastic surgery is common place. Adverts with perfectly toned young flesh on display assault us from billboards, TV, magazines, the internet and every other possible media device. All of them are screaming at us the same mantra: “It is good to be slim. It is good to be young.” 

And so, because of this obsession actors, actresses, minor D-list celebs and regular non-famous people are getting cut up, injected, filled and de-braided in a surgery near you as we speak. All to look good, all to look young. . .

. . . I was going to put up some pictures here of some of the plastic surgery disasters that you can find on the web – Holy Shit! That’s 15 minutes of my life I’m not going to be getting back. I don’t know what good plastic surgery looks like, maybe it doesn’t exist, but in the photos I’ve been looking at everyone ends up looking worse and a little bit tragic.

Having kids brings you into contact with lots of other parents. Be it on the school run, in the playground or at various after school activities. Most of the parents are like me and Zoe; relatively normal, exhausted and broke. However, it also allows me to observe the phenomenon of The Ladies That Lunch in their natural habitat. You know who these people are and what they look like. The Alpha Queens of the playground with immaculate hair, make-up and clothing. Everything matches, everything co-ordinates, everything is accessorised. Nails are shaped into shellacked talons and, no doubt, their progeny were whisked to school in an absolutely massive 4 X 4. The cost and effort of maintaining this veneer of sleek and glossy  perfection (in their eyes not mine) is colossal. A hair cut from a fancy salon, if you get highlights and a blow dry from one of their top stylists will cost at least £200  (Note: women don’t dye their hair, that’s what sad, pitiful men do, women tint, colour and highlight their hair – it’s very different and you wouldn’t understand). Literally thousands and thousands of pounds spent every year on shoes, handbags, jewellery, clothes, facials, nails, hair, teeth, vagazzles and anal bleaching (anal bleaching is a real thing, it costs £75 and for that they will pour bleach on your bunghole because nothing says “Hi, I’m happy and stable”, like a shiny ring-piece).

It’s strange that although these people are happy to spend this much time, effort and money on looking good not many of them actually do much in the way of exercise. Which is the one thing you can do that will be absolutely guaranteed to make you look better.

This all sounds like a rant against all things narcissistic and vainglorious – which it is . . .

. . . but wanting to look better can be a positive thing if a small amount of common sense is applied.

What I’m doing at the moment is using the goal of wanting to look better help to inform me of certain lifestyle choices.

Gym Training: I wanna look good so I’m gonna make sure that I train all my muscles, each week, at least once. I’m not going to skip out on leg training and look like this fool –

chicken legs

Cardio training: I wanna look good so I’m gonna do at least 2 hours of cardio each week to help burn some bodyfat. That 2 hours is to be split up over each of the days I train. I don’t want to do too much though because I don’t want to look like this –



Diet: I wanna look good so I’m not gonna eat a family size Dominos all by my self. I’m going to eat 4-6 smallish meals each day that are high in protein, low in fat and highly nutritious.

Alcohol and drugs and stuff: I wanna look good so I’m not gonna get smashed off my tits every weekend.

It’s not complicated or revolutionary is it? As with all things connected to gym training the big secret isn’t that big or secret. Be consistent. Be organised. Be patient. Be prepared to change things when required. Be prepared to reap the rewards when you finally get there.

It takes time to look good so it’s probably best if you learn to enjoy the journey.

Thanks for reading,

Dave Carter.

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