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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Got Milk? – My 20 Squat Blog (Pt 7)

Blog originally posted at – www.dcpersonaltrainingblog.wordpress.com Its official. Over a stone of weight gain in the past 4 weeks. Weighing in today at a lovely 90KG. This is the heaviest I have ever been by 7KG – Milkman achievement unlocked. So with three weeks left everything is looking good and I’m feeling great. By the […]

Got Milk? – My 20 Squat Blog (Pt 6)

Originally posted at www.dcpersonaltrainingblog.wordpress.com – check that stuff out! Checkpoint reached. Yesterday marked the half way point of the program and yes that means I shall be rolling down the other side, like a cheese wheel in those ridiculous competitions involving idiotic competitors chasing said cheese down a bloody hill. The weights are still increasing […]

Got Milk? – My 20 Squat Blog (Pt 5)

This blog was originally posted at www.dcpersonaltrainingblog.wordpress.com Im officially a dairy cow. A gallon of milk you say? Easy. Almost at the half way point of the now seven weeks of my 20 Squat program (added an additional week because why the hell not #gains). The milk is flying down. It’s not hard, nor easy, […]