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Daily Archives: September 3, 2013

Got Milk? – MY 20 Squat Blog: The final post!

Originally posted at www.dcpersonaltrainingblog.wordpress.com I posted this a week or so ago and forgot to post it onto the Dave’s Gym site – sorry not sorry – enjoy! It’s over. It’s finally f**king over. The squats are no more. I came. I squatted. I conquered. Coming into this program 120KG was my eight rep max, […]

Mobilise the troops!

Blog originally posted at www.dcpersonaltrainingblog.wordpress.com  Flexibility? Mobility? Do I really need to? – Yes you f*cking moron. Too often do I see people walk into the gym, roll their shoulders forwards and back a few times. A few bends and failed reaches to their toes and it’s time to squat. Good luck making progress when […]