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Got Milk? – MY 20 Squat Blog: The final post!


Originally posted at www.dcpersonaltrainingblog.wordpress.com

I posted this a week or so ago and forgot to post it onto the Dave’s Gym site – sorry not sorry – enjoy!

It’s over. It’s finally f**king over. The squats are no more. I came. I squatted. I conquered. Coming into this program 120KG was my eight rep max, now it’s my twenty rep max. This program works.

So what else has improved due to this program? Surprisingly I’ve made some very good gains on my upper body lifts, increasing some essential rep maxes by the following;

  • Bench press five rep max has gone up from 117.5KG to 127.5KG
  • Shoulder press three rep max has gone up from 82.5KG to 90KG

As well as this my weight has obviously increased. I’ve put on 8.5KG in the last 7 weeks and have managed, to my absolute amazement, to stay somewhat lean. There’s definitely a good amount of fat in that 8.5KG but considering I started the program around 12% body fat, I don’t resemble Jabba the Hut quite yet. Maybe one day, but for now I’m just happy to be done with these bloody squats!

So a bit of detail about today’s final session. I’m relatively sure that during the last five reps I entered a demonic dimension filled with brimstone, fire and pain. Once I re-racked the bar, coming back to reality the pressure in my head had built up to about a 13/10 on the pain scale…..not fun. I then spent the next hour holding my head in my hands in a crushing pain. Even Vicky (our gym manager), who I don’t think has ever shown me an ounce of sympathy being the hardened gym warrior that she is, was a little concerned telling me to lie down with my feet up until I started to recover. A couple of wonderful Ibuprofen and some milk sorted me right out though!

And now that it’s over I can safely say, without a second thought, or hesitation, I shall never, ever, be doing this program again. It’s been the toughest gym program I’ve ever followed but it’s been worth it and now it’s over I can finally start to enjoy the gym again!!

Thanks to everyone at Dave’s Gym for supporting me through this in their own special ways – cheeky fucks – and of course Dave himself for convincing me to do this (you complete bastard), it’s been interesting and definitely worthwhile.

Thank you all for reading, Dean out.

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