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Mobilise the troops!


Blog originally posted at www.dcpersonaltrainingblog.wordpress.com 

Flexibility? Mobility? Do I really need to? – Yes you f*cking moron.

Too often do I see people walk into the gym, roll their shoulders forwards and back a few times. A few bends and failed reaches to their toes and it’s time to squat. Good luck making progress when you’re using a zimmer frame to get around!

Mobility and flexibility work are important. Seriously important. The older/ stronger you get, they become even more important. I’d spend this blog talking about why they’re important but I don’t like you guys enough to go into it, so lets keep a long story short – you’ll greatly reduce the risk of injury, as well as perform better having had a proper warm up – simples.

Having stressed the importance and if you’re still reading I’m going to assume you’re on board – go you! Have a sticker. So where can you find the ultimate, ass-kicking, super-hero warm up? Meet Mr DeFranco, owner and founder of DeFranco’s Gym in Austin Texas. Some years ago he created a simple warm up routine that could be performed anywhere, with almost nothing, in 10 minutes or less. Sounds too good to be true? Well the DeFranco’s ‘Agile 8’ is now world famous and renowned for getting the job done i.e. getting you properly warmed up. And yes, all this mobility and flexibility lark doesn’t need to take forever. By no means do you have to sign up to some god awful Yoga class and find your inner self.

So the Agile 8 kicked off and before long the kind Mr DeFranco goes on to expand on this creating, what I shall be discussing and recommending to you bunch of gym-rats in this blog, the DeFranco’s ‘Limber 11’ – this guys got a knack for naming shit don’t you think?!

You will need a few essential items found in most gyms (foam roller, lacrosse ball, space and a bucket for the tears that will undoubtedly leak from your face when you first roll out your IT bands – have fun you bastards!

The Limber 11 consists of the following, you guessed it, 11 exercises:

IT band foam roll
Adductor foam roll
SMR Glutes with lacrosse ball
Bent knee iron cross
Roll over to V-sits
Rocking frog
Fire Hydrants
Mountain climbers
Cossack squat
Seated piriformis stretch
Rear-foot-elevated hip flexor stretch
Some pretty funky names up there, but trust me they work.

Now this routine is essentially aimed at warming-up the lower body, want to add some upper body stuff, complete the following:

Band/ Bar dislocations
Band pull-a-parts
Complete 10-20 reps of each exercise in circuit fashion for 3-5 rounds.

So, to end this post off here’s a lovely little link (alliteration win!) to a downloadable pdf copy of DeFranco’s Limber 11 – DeFranco PDF

Thanks for the read, start doing this before every workout and you’ll feel the difference.

Dean out.

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