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Dave’s Gym Personal Training

Dave’s Gym Personal Training.


The new approach to affordable personal training.

Hey Guys!

We have put our heads together at Dave’s and designed a new system of personal training that gives you everything you’d expect from working with a personal trainer, at a price that makes it affordable for everyone. We’ve also included a host of additional features to help you reach your goals and develop good habits that you will carry through life. The community feeling at Dave’s Gym is what has always set us apart, whether you are new to exercise or a seasoned veteran. We wanted to extend this feeling of belonging and welcoming atmosphere into personal training. If you feel part of something, and you come to the gym and find your friends there, you are more likely to achieve success. After all, it’s your neighbourhood, your body and your gym. (See what we did there?!)


How it works!

Our team of PT’s at Dave’s Gym (Dave, Dean and Sarah) will be available for you to choose from and one of them will be giving you 60 minutes of there time a week, minimum. Sessions will be tailored to meet your predetermined goals and needs. Program books will keep all your sessions, with and without your PT, logged and accounted for in order to appropriately track your progress. These are also updated weekly by your trainer!

We help make you accountable for your choices by tracking your food and goals on My Fitness Pal. Our PT’s will monitor your diary in the app, and offer help and advice on nutrition and suggest additional exercises and activities in addition to the team training, to support you in achieving your goals. We can also help you track your progress and achievements by using the body measurements, weight graph and photo options in My Fitness Pal.

You also get exclusive access to a dedicated Dave’s Gym Personal Training Facebook page. You can use this page to look for fellow members to team up with, ask us questions, and share your successes. Or just to have a chat! We will add healthy recipes, blogs and links to relevant articles to keep you motivated and give you the knowledge and tools you need to reach your goals.

You also get FREE gym membership to Dave’s Gym, because we’re nice like that. !

The cost

Very simply we wanted to offer a range of options to suit everybody’s budgets and needs. Only got the time and money for 1 training session a week? No problem – we’ll give you new workouts each week that you can complete in addition to the instructor led session to keep you moving forwards. Can you commit to 3 training sessions a week? Great – just place yourself in our hands and let us show you the way! Although, feel free to have a go at the additional workouts as well.

Don’t forget that every membership gives you FREE gym , as well as weekly nutritional analysis, programming and support. 


£115 a month: 4 Personal Training sessions (1 a week)*

£215 a month: 8 Personal Training Sessions (2 a week)*

£315 a month: 12 Personal Training Sessions (3 a week)*


You may also buy a taster course of 5 Personal Training sessions (Gym access inclusive) for £150, this is a one off payment and sessions will expire after the 5 week period ends.


If this sounds like something you want to be apart of (and we really hope you do!) drop us a message, phone us or chat to one of the staff. We’d love to have you meet one of our team and be a part of helping you achieve success!

*Please note that sessions cannot be carried over into the following month, and cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. Payment to be made by Direct Debit. Sessions are subject to availability.




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