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BodyCore Training – Earn your PT qualification now!

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We are proud to present to you all BodyCore Training. An improved way to earn your Personal Training (and other!) qualifications, in a time frame that suits you.

The BodyCore mantra:

BODYCORE is the PT MENTOR led, Personal Training course provider. PT MENTORS are current, inspirational, knowledgable and disciplined, entrepreneurial PTs. Our VISION is to create a community of successful PERSONAL TRAINERS, dedicated to the health and fitness of body and mind. Benefit today from tapping into the wealth of experience, encouragement, skill-set, wisdom and social conscience that our PT MENTORS have! Our PT MENTORS live and breathe the lifestyle that so many people are seeking, and it’s this BEING and DOING of successful life that has inspired the emergence of BODYCORE. Start your new and empowering journey today!

Visit the BodyCore website for more information on pricing and courses available.

If you are within the Cardiff/ surrounding areas, you can use a number of Dave’s Gym trainers as your PT mentor. If you’re further a field, give them a message here to find your nearest mentor or for more information on the online courses offered!

To learn more about becoming a PT, read the brochure here.

This is a great way to earn your PT qualifications and get a head start in the industry with first hand knowledge from some successful people!

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