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Orange Goblins, Ebola and Rugby.

We’re Orange fuckin’ Goblin baby and we play Heavy Metal! It’s been a rubbish week. Yet again I’ve been struck down with Ebola and had to take the entire week off. No training, no proper eating, no joy, no hope. I blame the kids (again), as they are walking petri-dishes of contamination. Still, the week […]

Wednesday. Heavier then a heavy thing.

I had opened up the gym on Monday and Tuesday, which means getting up at half past five. So Zoe, bless her woollen mittens, treated me to a lie in this morning. Although with the racket that the kids make you don’t really get any extra sleep just some extra time in bed. This is […]

Monday. Where the fuck is Rhod?

Last week was a deload week and Rhod was away skiing. This week is a brand new cycle of training and Rhod is still away. Where the fuck is Rhod? Ah, who cares? I’m going to train anyway. Last week was a nice break. I did 3 half-arsed workouts and relaxed my dietary regimen a […]

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