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Random Workout Ramblings.

There are times when even the keenest and most dedicated of hardcore trainers hit a brick wall of apathy. I have been lying in the wreckage of that collision for a couple of weeks now and need to change things up a bit. The big issue is that the spirit is kinda willing but the […]

Grand Magus gig review.

 I’ve been going to quite a few gigs recently and thought I’d have a go at doing a little review. The latest one was the mighty Grand Magus in Cardiff and before I start in on the actual gig itself I think it’s worth talking about Heavy Metal for awhile. Heavy metal. Love it or […]

Monday is mash your muscles day.

Last week was a deload week and it nearly killed us. What we normally do for a deload is to slash the weights we lift in half but keep the reps at basically the same level. However this week we went absolutely berserk and did millions of reps. Overhead squats for 10 sets of 10 […]

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