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Full Body FUBAR.

  Do this workout or Dave will eat you. FUBAR is an acronym devised by American service personnel from the Vietnam war. It stands for Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition and this workout will leave you feeling as if a horde of screaming Vietcong have gone all dinky-dau on your FNG ass. (Note to regular […]

Rehab, gigs and a master plan.

 Dave was wondering who had stolen his Harley. Alright. That’s it. I’ve had enough. No more bouncing from injury to illness to yet another new start. The rules of making improvements in the gym are simple and straight forward and for once I’m going to try and follow my own advice. 1) Show up and […]

Stupid, stupid old git.

You would have thought that in the 97 years that I’ve been lifting weights I may have learned a thing or two. This is not the case. I have always been, and will forever remain, an idiot of galactic proportions. There is a gulf 10,00 miles wide between what I tell other people to do […]

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