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MMA at Dave’s. Onwards to glory.

Yet again the boys and girls from Dave’s Gym MMA ventured forth into the arena of battle and brought back victory. All hail. Early start late finish, for the tough few! Very poor turn out gents, from a “team” that sells out each training session by eight am, for four tough guys and a tired […]

Q + A – February 2012

Hello and welcome to the first ever Dave’s Gym Q+A! Today we’ve got four great questions from some of our members that actually cover a wide range of topics. I’m not going to blab on too much, lets get to the crux of it! *** “Speed / power training for increasing sprint / jumping power” […]

Somatotyping – Fact or Fiction?

Developed by William Sheldon in 1954, somatotyping is a scoring system used to ascertain an individuals body-type and psychological traits in relation to three set categories. I’m 100% sure you’ve all seen them or heard of them over the years. Endomorphs apparently store fat easily, have a wide bone structure, and a wide waist. Ectomorphs […]

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