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Badass INC. #2 – Hermann Görner

The second badass to get the Dave’s Gym seal of approval is probably my all time favourite strongman – the legendary Hermann Görner. This was a guy who performed feats of strength in the early 1900’s that have still yet to be beaten nearly 80 years on. This was a guy who also wrestled elephants […]

Get Lean (Like a Boss)

Getting lean. Why the fuck are you searching for this? Take it from someone who knows – bulking up is way more fun. I’ve been doing it for three years solid and it’s fantastic. Unfortunately the gut fairy finally decided to pay me a visit and there we go. Time for my first cut since […]

Badass INC. #1 – Doug Young

I’m going to kick off a series of articles on the Dave’s Gym Blog dealing with people, men and women, who are just plain badass in the world of weightlifting, combat sports, fitness, baking, selling office stationary, and anything else where we see the plight of awesomeness is being upheld. This first one is about […]

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