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Big Ron

Here’s my problem with top level bodybuilding, we all know that you take a hell of lot of gear, big deal, elephant in the room, lets talk. Today I had the pleasure of meeting arguably one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, 8 x Mr Olympia  Ronnie Coleman.  Currently on the Cardiff leg of […]

The Clug Report. April 2012

The Clug report is a monthly  training blog that takes a look back at the last 4 – 6 weeks  of my training and diet. Last month I ditched the clean bulk for pizzas and high calorie foods and reduced my training sessions to 2 – 3 a week. This weeks post is short and […]

The Clug report. March 2012

Welcome to my monthly training blog. Rather than massage my own ego ( I do this at home) the point of this post is to share some of the training tips I have learnt. This may be be new rep ranges, diet changes, or specific training methods. Basically things that work for me. So first […]

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