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Wales Strongest Man 2011.

Me taking up my standard strongman, post event position This is the comp that started it all off. After failing to watch it last year but hearing great things about it i decided i wanted a go. Everyone watches strongman on the tv and finding out that there was a local competition meant i could […]

Long time, no post.

Long time no post. Busy with exams etc etc As promised a few videos and a brief update. All a bit disjointed but bear with me. UpdateHad my final medical written exams earlier this week. At one point after the 1st exam i figured i’d probably failed and would have to become a professional strongman […]

New toy in the gym.

My new toy!! In other news, my thick handled dumbbell arrived on Wednesday so i had a go at single arm pressing it. Project Goliath Dumbbell Thats it above set up with 75kg. Handle is about 2 inches thick which is slightly thinner then an ‘Inch’ dumbbell. All very confusing but generally the thicker the […]

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