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Exercise Break-down: Squats This is my favorite exercise. At least 4 or 5 times in my training history over the past 6 years i’ve looked at my squat and had to re-start it from scratch just because i wasn’t going deep enough. Each time you drop the weight by whatever is required and relearn the technique. I […]

Principles and Program

I don’t follow a program. Or i do, but i follow hundreds in rapid succession. I discover a new exercise or a new rep scheme or feel crap so change my workout or feel amazing so double my workout. Overall this means writing out my ‘training program’ is entirely pointless as it’s out of date […]


Hullo! You may or may not have met me before but I’m Emil and Itrain at Dave’s Gym. I also worked there for a number of years, starting as a motivator, onto gym instructor and then eventually as a trainer. Thats my picture from daves-gym.co.uk I have my own parallel blog at www.projectgoliath.co.uk and this […]

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