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Turning the screws . . .

  Skinnier than a toothpick. These ladies won’t survive The Zombie Apocalypse.   Dave’s Body weight: 17 stone 9 pounds. (247lbs or 112kg) Weight loss: 4lbs/2kg So, I’m 3 weeks into this whole Get in Shape thing and I’ve managed to shed 7lbs. I’m quite pleased with this result as it’s all been done with […]

Some workouts to play with.

It doesn’t have to be this complicated. Honest. Dave’s bodyweight: 17 stone 13lbs (251lbs or 114kg) Weight lost since last weigh-in: 3lbs (1.4kg) Having something to follow in the gym is great. Having something to follow that someone else has gone to the trouble to write for you is even better. Having something to follow […]

What about the noms?

    Dave bodyweight: A fat, blubbery and disgusting 18 stone 2 pounds (254lbs/115kg) Training well, consistently and with variety will make you fit and strong. But it will not make you lean and toned if you are still packing away enough food to kill a polar bear. Trust me, I know this as an […]

Your neighbourhood, your body, your gym.



Cash Memberships
All our cash memberships are non-contract, can be paid via cash or card at reception, with no obligation to sign up again when your membership expires – no joining fee or mandatory induction required!

Pay & Play (Gym/Class) – £6.00/ £5.00 (Student)

Monthly Gym – £37.50

Class Pass (10 Classes) – £40.00

Direct Debit Memberships
Our direct-debit memberships are definitely the best value for money – and we mean anywhere!

Monthly DD – £32.50

Off-Peak DD (Use of the gym until 4pm) – £25.00

Includes unlimited use of the gym facilities.*


* Terms and conditions apply. Direct debit memberships subject to a single £10 joining fee and a minimum three-month contract period.


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