Your Neighbourhood, Your Body, Your Gym.



January Madness

It’s a well known fact that all diets/new exercise programs start on Mondays. There are thousands of memes on the intertubes that compel and command you to begin immediately, buuuut… one does not simply unleash a new kick-ass mega routine and uber-genius diet on a Wednesday afternoon. No, the right workout plan needs time to […]

Why have one Personal Trainer when we can give you a team?

Personal training is costly. It’s an investment in your health and your future but the cost certainly warrants some consideration. When you factor in you’re paying for a gym membership as well, to complete the program your trainer sets for you,  it is indeed costly. So when you have made the decision to see a personal trainer […]

Your neighbourhood, your body, your gym.



Cash Memberships
All our cash memberships are non-contract, can be paid via cash or card at reception, with no obligation to sign up again when your membership expires – no joining fee or mandatory induction required!

Pay & Play (Gym/Class) – £6.00/ £5.00 (Student)

Monthly Gym – £37.50

Class Pass (10 Classes) – £40.00

Direct Debit Memberships
Our direct-debit memberships are definitely the best value for money – and we mean anywhere!

Monthly DD – £32.50

Off-Peak DD (Use of the gym until 4pm) – £25.00

Includes unlimited use of the gym facilities.*


* Terms and conditions apply. Direct debit memberships subject to a single £10 joining fee and a minimum three-month contract period.


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